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 Section 1 - Renewable Energies

S1_1. An overview regarding drafting and implementation at some of the first photovoltaic power plant erected into Romania - Florin OAE (Romania), Elena ANGHEL (Romania), Iulian BĂRBOIANU (Romania), Răzvan NEAGOE (Romania), Basarab GUZUN (Romania)

S1_2. Solar energy exploitation for charging vehicles - Morris BRENNA (Italy), Alberto DOLARA (Italy), Federica FOIADELLI (Italy), Linda GAFARO (Italy), Sonia LEVA , Michela LONGO (Italy)

S1_3. Overview of carbon dioxide - hydrogen reaction for methane production as renewable energy sources - Elena CARCADEA (Romania), Adriana MARINOIU (Romania), Mihai VARLAM (Romania), Mircea RACEANU (Romania)

S1_4. Extending the battery lifetime  of a fuel cells hybrid electric vehicle - Mihai CULCER (Romania), Mihai VARLAM (Romania), Mariana ILIESCU (Romania), Mircea RACEANU (Romania), Adrian ENACHE (Romania), Ioan STEFANESCU (Romania)

S1_5. Management strategy for load compliance of a PEM fuel cells power station - Mariana ILIESCU (Romania), Mircea RACEANU (Romania), Mihai CULCER (Romania), Adrian ENACHE (Romania), Mihai VARLAM (Romania), Ioan STEFANESCU (Romania)

S1_6. Power-to-gas: overview and perspective - Mihai BALAN (Romania), Adrian BADEA (Romania)

S1_7. Small power steam turbines for biomass power plants - Viorel BERBECE (Romania), Gheorghe LĂZĂROIU (Romania), Gabriel-Paul NEGREANU (Romania), Lucian MIHAESCU (Romania)

S1_8. Efficient conversion of wave energy into electricity and active banks protection - Viorel SERBAN (Romania), Ana Maria ANDRONACHE (Romania), Madalina Angela ZAMFIR (Romania), George Alexandru CIOCAN (Romania), Marian ANDRONE (Romania), Gabriela LUNGESCU (Romania), Laura Elena SERBAN (Romania), Liviu Dan POSTOLACHE (Romania), Viorela Maria POSTOLACHE (Romania)

S1_9. Biomass cogeneration systems with steam cycle for convective dryers with energy independence and negative balance of CO2 - Murad EROL (Romania)

S1_10. Study of heating and cooling of a low-energy house by an earth to air heat exchanger - Maximilien FONTAINE (France), Constantin IONESCU (Romania), Horia NECULA (Romania)

S1_11. Assessing the burning and thermal characteristics for low quality gaseous bio-fuels - Cosmin MĂRCULESCU (Romania), Victor CENUŞĂ (Romania), Florin ALEXE (Romania)

S1_12. A new concept of renewable power plant, SWPP-STO - Viorel SERBAN (Romania), Ana Maria ANDRONACHE (Romania), Raluca DINCA (Romania), Marian ANDRONE (Romania), Madalina Angela ZAMFIR (Romania), George Alexandru CIOCAN (Romania), Carmen Anca SAFTA (Romania), Laura Elena SERBAN (Romania), Viorela Maria POSTOLACHE (Romania), Liviu Dan POSTOLACHE (Romania)

S1_13. Dynamic models for renewable power generation - Alice FRĂSINAR (Romania)

S1_14. Experiencing renewable energy: design and implementation of a mobile educational laboratory - Daniel ROSNER (Romania), Mircea CĂTUNEANU (Romania), Răzvan TĂTĂROIU (Romania), Carmen SAFTA (Romania), Mihai BUCICOIU (Romania)

S1_15. Energy potential, technical conversion and the emissions from the biomass plant - Ștefan Gabriel ADRIAN (Romania), Tudor PRISECARU (Romania), Ionel PISA (Romania)

S1_16. Floating hydro-solar-wind power plant with renewable energy storage and reuse - Viorel SERBAN (Romania), Ana Maria ANDRONACHE (Romania), Raluca DINCA (Romania), Madalina Angela ZAMFIR (Romania), George Alexandru CIOCAN (Romania), Bogdan POPA (Romania), Laura Elena SERBAN (Romania), Viorela Maria POSTOLACHE (Romania)

S1_17. Thermal Energy of the Oceans : Technical Study and Economical Issues - Philippe DUQUENNE (France), Virgil DUMBRAVA (Romania)

S1_18. Identification of potential sites for small hydropower plants - Eliza TICĂ (Romania), Bogdan POPA (Romania)

S1_19. Market heating and cooling from renewable energy sources - Adrian Stan (Romania)

S1_20. Potential of biogas from municipal waste - Gerardo COLLAGUAZO (Ecuador), Adrian Badea (Romania)

S1_21. Energetic characteristics of willow cultivated in Romania for energy production - Elena POP (Romania), Lucian MIHĂESCU (Romania), Arpad DOMOKOS (Romania), Gheorghe LAZĂROIU (Romania), Ionel PISA (Romania)

S1_22. Solid organic waste and power generation - Constantin STAN (Romania), Adrian BADEA (Romania), Tiberiu APOSTOL (Romania), Cosmin MARCULESCU (Romania)

S1_23. Renewable energy in Romania: coping with fast capacity growth – Eric STAB (France)

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