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 Section 4 - Fossil Fuels Clean Technologies

S4_1. Contributions for the upgrade of a coal energy system in order to reduce pollution and increase quality of life – case study: SE ISALNITA - Adrian ADAM (Romania); George DARIE (Romania); Horia NECULA (Romania); Lucian MIHAESCU (Romania); Ion OPREA (Romania); Ion BARBIERU (Romania); Cristian MANDREAN (Romania); Viorel GHERGHINA (Romania)

Optimization of Gas Turbine CHP Configurations for District Heating Systems - Diana TUŢICĂ (Romania), George DARIE (Romania), Mihaela NORIŞOR (Romania), Victor CENUŞĂ (Romania)

CCS economic integration issues in a steam power power plant - Mihaela NORISOR (Romania), George DARIE  (Romania), Victor CENUSA (Romania), Roxana PATRASCU (Romania)

Aspects of the butanol use in the compression ignition engine of the automotive - Alexandru DOBRE (Romania), Constantin PANĂ (Romania), Nikolaos Cristian NUȚU (Romania), Niculae NEGURESCU (Romania), Alexandru CERNAT (Romania), Iulius Daniel BONDOC (Romania)

Experimental researches of using LPG at a car Diesel engine - Nikolaos Cristian NUTU (Romania), Constantin PANA (Romania), Alexandru DOBRE (Romania), Niculae NEGURESCU (Romania), Alexandru CERNAT (Romania), Iulius Daniel BONDOC (Romania)

A Bulgarian case study: Applying a techno-economic model for the UCG-CCS process - T. GORKA (Germany), N. NAKATEN (Germany), R. SCHLÜTER (Germany), Th. KEMPKA (Germany), N. HRISTOV (Bulgaria)

Modelling the off-design behaviour of a cogeneration non-reheat steam turbine, for selecting the revamp solution - Victor CENUŞĂ (Romania), Florin ALEXE (Romania)

Phase behaviour & thermophysical properties of systems containing carbon dioxide and their role in carbon capture and storage - Catinca SECUIANU (Romania), Cristian DINCA (Romania), Martin CISMONDI (Argentina)

The desulphurization process influence on MEA absorption capacity - Cristian DINCĂ (Romania), Adrian BADEA (Romania), Catinca SECUIANU (Romania)

The influence of HRG injection on the pulverized coal combustion - Ionel PÎŞĂ (Romania), Tudor PRISECARU (Romania), Gheorghe LAZĂROIU (Romania), Elena POP (Romania), Gabriel NEGREANU (Romania)

Cercetări privind strategia de dezvoltare a proiectelor de investiţii din sectorul energetic cu impact semnificativ asupra schimbărilor climatice – Carmencita CONSTANTIN (Romania)

IGCC potential and performance as a clean energy production option - Zoe KAPETAKI (Great Britain) , Davide BOCCIARDO (Great Britain), Maria-Chiara FERRARI (Great Britain), Hyungwoong AHN (Great Britain), Stefano BRANDANI (Great Britain)

Cercetări privind elaborarea unui model pentru restructurarea durabilă a sectorului de producere a energiei electrice – Marian DOBRIN (Romania)

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