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 Section 8 - Nuclear-Power Engineering

S8_1. Aspects of probabilistic safety assessment for TRIGA research reactor - Daniela MLADIN (Romania), Ilie PRISECARU (Romania)

Sensitivity analysis for the CPA-front model, application to a generic CANDU 6 - Gabriela RADU (Romania), Ilie PRISECARU (Romania)

Analyze of the circulating cooling water system behaviour during various plant operation procedures - Iulian Pavel NITA (Romania)

Characteristics of liquid metal penetration and freezing in water leaking hole - Radu Secareanu (Romania)

Methodology for radon presence investigation in mine galleries. Case-study: Băiţa Bihor repository - Alin-Ionut PETRESCU (Romania), Ilie PRISECARU  (Romania), Felicia DRAGOLICI (Romania), Gabriel Lazaro PAVEL (Romania)

Modification of CANDU 6 moderator flow configuration inside CALANDRIA vessel for increasing available subcooling in case of severe accident - Radu ARSENE (Romania), Ilie PRISECARU (Romania), Stefan NICOLICI (Romania)

The use of pestel analysis in development of the Romanian geological repository - Veronica ANDREI (Romania), Ilie PRISECARU (Romania)

Numerical investigation of two phase flow for a CANDU 6 fuel bundle - Alis MUSA (Romania), Ilie PRISECARU (Romania)

Probabilistic assessment of integrated concentrations during radiological accidental emissions - C. GHEORGHE (NICOLICI) (Romania), Ilie PRISECARU (Romania), Stefan NICOLICI (Romania)

Magic simulation for a lubricating oil fire in a CANDU-6 EPS room - Adriana MAXIM (Romania), Ilie PRISECARU (Romania), Nicolae BRANZEU (Romania)

A point of view regarding the stiffness of the garter spring spacer - Tiberiu  GYONGYOŞI  (Romania), Ilie PRISECARU (Romania), Valeriu Nicolae PANAITESCU (Romania)

Transient discharge thermal-hydraulic analysis for CANDU 600 turbine by-pass system  - Stefan NICOLICI (Romania), R.M. BILEGAN (Romania), Ilie PRISECARU (Romania), Daniel DUPLEAC (Romania)

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